Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City  (609) 770 - 6202 & Alcohol Rehab
Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City  (609) 770 - 6202 & Alcohol Rehab
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Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City NJ (609) 770-6202

Lawmakers in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area refer to drug addiction as a “scourge” on the city. Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City help to counteract this plague one patient at a time. Addiction is a complex condition that requires a comprehensive approach to be effective. At Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City, we skillfully integrate detoxification, rehabilitation and relapse prevention processes that enable patients to sustain long term sobriety, not just a temporary fix. Call Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City today at (609) 770-6202.

The “cold turkey” approach is a dangerous route most addicts take once they recognize that they have a problem with addiction. But sudden cessation of drug use after long term addiction can lead to life-threatening circumstances that without the appropriate medical help can result in a fatality. Unfortunately, the zeal for recovery typically preclude the help that drug treatment centers can provide.
The recovery process at Atlantic City Drug Treatment Centers usually begin with an inpatient, medically monitored detoxification procedure. We provide a safe alternative to do-it-yourself detoxing. The ultimate goals of our medical detox process is to help those battling drug and alcohol addiction to:

a) Safely complete the detoxification process without relapsing.
b) Mitigate undue discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms.
c) Address any life-threatening conditions immediately with emergency medical attention.
d) Administer medication when necessary to stabilize the patient.
e) Provide ongoing assessment in order to identify and treat emotional and behavioral complications exacerbated by the withdrawal process.

A patient specific rehabilitation program begins after the detoxification process is completed. Patients who demonstrate that they are mentally and physically capable of participation in the rehabilitation process are guided through various therapeutic interventions. These are focused on achieving full recovery from chemical dependencies. The treatment goals include:

a) Psychiatric behavioral stabilization
b) Learning new coping techniques
c) Processes that deal with unresolved trauma, grief or other mental disorders.
d) Relapse prevention training that also highlight triggers that threaten sobriety.
e) Assistance with after-care treatment plans.

Because we understand the burden of addiction and the toll it can take on the addict and their loved ones, we create personalized profiles based on a physical and psychological assessment conducted at intake. This facilitates the development of an appropriate treatment program that addresses the specific needs and circumstances of the patient. These programs also undergo continuous re-evaluation and adjustment as treatment progress. This continuum of care may include evidence based holistic and traditional remedies.
Atlantic City residents can access these specialized treatment interventions through a pre-admittance process that is available twenty-four hours each day, seven days a week. The pre-admission process entails:

• Calling (609) 770-6202 or referring a loved one to Atlantic City Drug Treatment Centers.
• Our admission staff will assess the needs of the client and match the available services to their need.
• A pre-screening discussion with the director to verify the appropriate services required.
• An admission interview will be arranged to make a final determination as to the treatment needs of the client.

We understand that it is not always easy to get a loved one to commit to entering a rehab facility for treatment that they need so we have processes in place that can help you in that regard. Our treatment program provide trained interventionists that assist families with drug and alcohol interventions. The primary goal of this process is to move the person where habitual drug use into a treatment facility that can help them to start and complete the process of a healthy recovery. Our experienced interventionist have the tools and techniques that enable patients and their families to win the battle of denial and resistance to overcome addiction.

About Atlantic City NJ

Atlantic City is a destination town in New Jersey where people come from all over to visit the boardwalks, casinos, and beaches. Though the town is mainly known for its social attractions there is also a history to the area and how the city became what it is today. The Current population is approximately 39,000 and its location of being between on the Atlantic Ocean but close to many major cities such as Philadelphia and New York makes Atlantic City a prime real estate area for vacationers and those looking to escape the city.

Many of the popular activities in Atlantic City such as drinking, gambling, and visiting nightlife shows make it a difficult place for some people struggling with addiction to live. However for those looking to avoid addictive behaviors touring the town’s historical residences and museums can be very exciting and informative. Currently, Atlantic City is seeing a surge of individuals who are suffering from heroin addiction and prescription pill dependence. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction call Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City today (609) 770-6202.

Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City  (609) 770 - 6202 & Alcohol Rehab

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