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When attempting to choose the right alcoholism treatment program, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of the disease itself, as well as the process of addiction recovery. Because alcoholism is a chemical dependency, it requires a specialized alcoholism treatment program, which can facilitate a medical detoxification process and psychotherapy in order to treat the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction. At Alcoholism Treatment Centers Atlantic City, we provide our patients with the skills and recovery tools they will need through each step of the rehabilitation process and beyond. Call Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City today at (609) 770-6202 and find out more about your treatment options.

Drinking is often looked at as a social rite of passage, and the manner in which it is celebrated and promoted often presents it in a harmless light. However, alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market. When consideration is given to the ease at which it is acquired, it is easy to see just how a person can go from social drinking to becoming addicted in a short period of time. Alcoholism is the condition in which a person is dependent upon alcohol, and has lost their ability to control the amount or rate at which they drink.

Addiction vs. Abuse

Often, alcoholism is made synonymous with alcohol abuse. Although there are some connections, the two are distinctly different. The most definitive way that these two conditions are different is the level of control that a person has over their actions and their drinking.
When it comes to alcohol abuse, a person may be drinking excessively, in fact, they may be drinking more than the alcoholic; however, the difference is that they dont have to drink. They are drinking solely because they want to. Despite all of the binging and other forms of abuse, they still have control of their lives; at least for now.

The alcoholic has lost their ability to control how much and how often they consume the substance. Even if they understand that they will encounter negative consequences due to their drinking, they will still drink, because they are unable to control their physical and psychological impulses.

Choosing the Right Treatment

Because of the strong physiological pull of alcoholism, the withdrawal symptoms can often be brutal. Additionally, those who have been drinking heavily for prolonged periods of time are at high risk for developing alcohol withdrawal syndrome an extremely serious condition that is potentially life-threatening. This is why it is vital that the treatment program you choose has the ability to provide the necessary medical attention when it is needed.

A good program will also have to have the ability to address the emotional and psychological issues that serve as the triggers and catalysts that drove the addict to use in the first place. Although most people see alcoholism as a primary issue or source-problem, it is actually the result of a deeper, more enigmatic issue. It is our responsibility as addiction professionals to identify the emotional triggers and help patients address and work through them.

An aftercare program is also vital to the long-term success of the patient’s recovery journey. A significant amount of the challenges that a recovering addict will face will take place after they check out of the treatment facility, and they will need to have a good support system in place to help them effectively engage those challenges. An aftercare program will provide them with the support resources and ongoing therapy they will need to stay sober.

There is no easy path to defeating alcoholism, but through the help of a comprehensive treatment program like the ones offered at Alcohol Treatment Centers Atlantic City, you can achieve the ultimate goal of sobriety. Call Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City now at (609) 770-6202.

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