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Drug addiction is the occurrence of a chemically-induced change that takes place in the brain and major organs within the body. It is characterized by the physical and psychological dependence on a controlled substance, and the inability to control the amount or frequency at which the substance is consumed. Addicts have no regard for the negative physical, social, emotional, mental and financial consequences of their actions. A medical detox program is vital to the addiction recovery process.

Understanding the Process

The reason that a medical detox is essential for overcoming addiction is that the chemical changes that take place in the brain and the body, due to drug use, cause the body to become highly dependent on them. Medical detox allows patients to withdraw from the substance in a safe and comfortable environment where they can receive the appropriate medical attention should cravings and other intense symptoms of withdrawal arise.

Depending on the drug that the person is addicted to, and the physiological makeup of the person, these withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, and even painful. These withdrawal symptoms also have the potential to produce medical complications. With a medical detox program, the patient will be constantly monitored and cared for in order to increase their level of comfort. They will also have immediate access to medical personnel in the case of any complications. Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City can provide you with the quality medical attention you deserve. Call Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City now at (609) 770-6202.

Never Try to Detox at Home

It is not uncommon for a person who is attempting to break free of an addiction to attempt to detox at their home. This is never recommended, for a number of reasons. One important reason is that, historically, going through at-home detox has not produced successful results. This is because the pain and discomfort associated with this process can drive the addict to relapse. In fact, detoxing is one of the top causes of relapse during the initial stage of recovery.

An even more important reason why a person should not go through the withdrawal process alone is the fact that it may cause medical complications, including cardiac arrest, seizures, stroke and more. The chances of surviving these complications without immediate medical attention are not high. With a medical detox, each patient will have a team of medical professionals at their disposal to handle any potential complications.

Atlantic City Residential Treatment Centers

Although there a number of different options as far as treatment programs are concerned, the program that has shown the greatest promise is the inpatient care offered at our residential treatment center. Working with drug addiction treatment professionals at our treatment center creates a safe environment in which patients can address the underlying emotional and mental issues that may have led to or are the result of the drug addiction.
From the initial phase of the treatment process, which includes a medical detox, to the counseling sessions that will help you gain an understanding of what caused you to use drugs in the first place; you will be given what you need to have the best possible chance at winning your battle against addiction. To find out more about our treatment programs or to speak to an addiction specialist who can help answer any questions you may have, call Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City today at (609) 770-6202.

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