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Recovery from drug addiction can be difficult, but with the right treatment plan and support system in place, it is more than possible. One of the most important elements of recovery is relapse prevention. As a person moves through the process of recovery, they will encounter a number of enigmatic issues and challenges that can derail their recovery if they are not prepared. Relapse prevention is essential to avoiding an episode that can lead to a loss of all that the individual has fought so hard to achieve.

Relapse refers to the recurrence of drug or alcohol abuse after a period of abstinence. This process started long before the person begins using again. Recidivism manifests itself in definable stages. Having the capacity to identify the stages as soon as they appear can help a person avoid a return to drugs or alcohol. A comprehensive relapse prevention program can assist an individual in avoiding the pitfalls associated with long-term recovery. At Atlantic City Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, we provide you with the skills and prevention tools necessary to avoid triggers and temptations, and teach how to change your reactionary behaviors toward stress and other situations that make you want to use again. Call Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City today at (609) 770-6202 to find out more about our treatment programs.

The Three Stages

The first stage is emotional. This is the existence of emotional issues and emotional responses to any of a number of issues that might arise. The emotional responses that are indicative of emotional relapse are reflective of the poor behavior that led to the person abusing drugs in the first place. The goal of a good relapse prevention program is to identify these emotional indicators as soon as possible and effectively address them. This will stop the process of recidivism and it will place the person back on the road to complete recovery.

If the emotional stage is not properly addresses or dealt with, it will lead to mental or psychological relapse, which pushes the addict one step closer to using again. This phase involves the person reverting to their old way of thinking. Due to the fact that the thought processes of an individual will dictate their behavior, it is paramount that the shift in thinking is addressed immediately. When erroneous thinking goes unchecked, it is only a matter of time until poor thinking leads to poor decisions, and those poor decisions will ultimately lead that person right back to using again.

The final stage is physical relapse, which is the act of actually using again. This is why relapse prevention is such a vital aspect of the recovery process. It improves the chance of success.

Recognizing the Signs of a Setback

As mentioned above, relapse is not a simultaneous occurrence, instead, it is a long, and sometimes painful process that can take place over weeks or even months. The reversion to using is actually the final result of this process, but it all begins with a change in perspective.

Some signs that are commonly associated with a drug lapse include:

• Compulsive behavior
• Returning to unhealthy environments and behaviors
• Destructive thoughts
• Neglecting healthy habits and coping skills
• Isolation from groups and activities
• Mood swings, including anxiety and depression

Relapse prevention programs are designed around the strategy of identifying the emotional and mental triggers for poor behavior in the individual. Once these triggers are identified, they are replaced with positive behavior that is reinforced until it becomes habitual. Relapse prevention also involves identifying any changes that may be indicative of a setback and properly dealing with them. Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Atlantic City can provide you with the guidance you will need through every step of the recovery process. Call Drug Treatment Centers Atlantic City now at (609) 770-6202 to speak to an addiction specialist who can help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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